Schedules and/or descriptions of classes may be subject to change. They will be announced should they occur. Classes will start and finish on time, so please do not be late.The teachers reserve the right to request that a student leave any class if they feel he or she is unable to keep up or is disruptive. For those unable to keep up, the management will make every attempt to substitute a class at an appropriate level, but no refunds will be offered. To be fair to all attendees, the teachers will not alter the level of their classes for students unable to keep up. The festival classes were designed to teach specific topics/material that will benefit students from pre-intermediate to advanced level. For you own benefit, it is very important that you know what your level in the dance is when you register.

We have included a simple description of the levels and classified the classes in four groups:

    1. All Levels
    2. Pre-intermediate
    3. Intermediate
    4. Intermediate / Advanced
    5. Advanced

1. ALL Levels: suitable for everybody and great to go over technique issues, go over fundamentals and to acquire good habits. Great to review, reinforce and improve motions we have learnt before or  that we want to learn now. Therefore, these are NOT beginner level classes.

2.Pre-intermediate: this is a great class for every student who has had regular instruction for a minimum period of 12 months. This class is ideal to work on or refresh fundamentals and technique through exercises and nice, enjoyable social dance moves. Navigation resources and musicality will be emphasized. Basic understanding of technique, simple concepts and steps is necessary.

3. Intermediate: a reasonable level of technical understanding of tango, handling close and open embrace and a good repertoire of steps is needed (molinetes, barridas, voleos, sacadas). At this level, dancers need to have good navigation and connection. Partner rotation is recommended.

4. Intermediate/Advanced: These classes are intended for more experienced intermediate and advanced dancers. You should meet all the requirements of the intermediate level described above, apart from being able to lead or follow more challenging tango figures and to navigate on a crowded floor. Partner rotation is recommended in these classes though it will be up to the teachers.

5. Advanced: excellent understanding of the technical aspects of tango, navigation, improvisational resources and connection are major factors. You should be able to execute complex tango figures. We strongly advise that you register as a couple to get maximum benefit of the content of the class and from your time with the maestros. Some advanced classes offered will be limited to couples to maximize class content. In others, partner rotation will be up to the teachers, but is not mandatory.

Please see our Class schedule page to help you chose the right class.