Last update on January 15, 2021.

ATUSA OFFICIAL USA TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP & FESTIVAL, the Official US Preliminary of Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup, (the TANGO MUNDIAL) is currently planning how the 2021 Official Championship & Festival Program will look like in a COVID19 safe setting, so that all participants, artists and audience can enjoy the event. Due to the current pandemic situation, the event dates will be postpone and the pre-registration will be delayed till further notice.


ATUSA is the sanctioned direct branch/preliminary in the United States of Tango Buenos Aires Festival & Dance World Cup/Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires, which is organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, (together, the official highest authorities for Argentine Tango in the world and the responsible entities regarding the organization, program planning and overall execution of the Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires). Therefore, ATUSA is bound by its rules and regulations.

ATUSA represents TANGO BUENOS AIRES FESTIVAL & DANCE WORLD CUP in the US, offering all competing couples the opportunity to shine in high level competition in front of an Official Jury Panel* formed by professionals of international renown and vast experience, and approved by the two official bodies, Tango BA Dance World Cup (Mundial de Tango), and the Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires.

ATUSA is the only OFFICIAL TANGO entity entitled to hand in Official USA Tango Champion Titles and to send the OFFICIAL US representatives (champions) to compete directly at the SEMIFINAL ROUNDS of the unique TANGO BUENOS AIRES DANCE WORLD CUP every August, – avoiding over 600 couples at the qualifying rounds.

Appointed by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires and the Office of Festivals and Central Events,the designated BA Tango World Cup Auditor will travel to the US to supervise all instances of the competition.The Auditor/Supervisor will bear the responsibility of ensuring the compliance of the Official Championship rules; properly solve any inconvenience not considered in these Rules; establish or inform about the clarifying or interpretative rules that he/she considers necessary and calculate the scores using the Tango BA World Cup formula. 

 All categories in this Championship (official and non-official) will be evaluated by the Official Judges and audited by the designated Tango BA Dance World Cup Supervisor.

NOTE: participants in the official categories (Tango de Pista and Stage Tango) must be US Citizens or residents of at least one year by the date of the competition to be able compete. However, there are no residence/nationality restrictions for the other categories: Vals, Milonga, Salon Seniors, “So you think you can Tango?”, and Stage Group.

ATUSA also offers a magnificent TANGO FESTIVAL including tango dance workshops, special workshops (Dj’s, Folklore, Stage training, etc.), amazing master performances/shows, milongas with live music and best recorded music, which together with the Official US Championship, makes it a staggering, unique high quality Tango event.

*TANGO BUENOS AIRES DANCE WORLD CUP (Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires) is the most impressive tango event in the globe with the greatest international impact; it has completed 18 consecutive successful editions since 2003. It includes the colossal Tango World Cup and an awesome tango festival for over 10 days. Thousands of dancers and audiences from all over the world come to the city to participate in the various activities offered by this celebration. Last August 2019, over 700 competing couples from 36 countries participated at the Tango World Cup and 10,000 people attended the Finals at the Luna Park Stadium!

Visit Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup (Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires) Official Website:


  • “TANGO DE PISTA” – OFFICIAL; open to both amateur and professional dancers. Residence restrictions apply. This category is bound by the rules and regulations of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup.
  • “STAGE TANGO” – OFFICIAL; open to both amateur and professional dancers. Residence restrictions apply. This category is bound by the rules and regulations of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup.
  • “MILONGA” –open to both amateur and professional dancers. No residence restrictions.
  • “VALS” – open to both amateur and professional dancers. No residence restrictions.
  • “SALON TANGO SENIOR” – open to social dancers (amateurs). No professionals allowed. Age restrictions apply. No residence restrictions.
  • “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN TANGO?” – open to social dancers (amateurs). No professionals allowed. No residence restrictions.
  • “STAGE TANGO GROUP” Competition/Showcase with evaluation by the Jury (open to amateur dancers directed by a teacher/choreographer). No residence restrictions.

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