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Last update June 27, 2022


1. All attendees (including professional staff & volunteers) must provide proof of full vaccination by June 20, 2022. Once attendees have purchased their passes, they will receive a confirmation email with a secure link to upload their vaccine cards.
Attendees who get tickets at door must show vaccination card, or phone image.
No entry without proof of vaccination.

2. All attendees (pre-registered or at door) must acknowledge acceptance of the ATUSA Protocols and the Covid-19 Waiver Agreement.

3. MASKS are highly recommended. CDC now recommends N95 respirators, along with their Chinese (KN95) or Korean equivalents (KF94). Unlike cloth coverings, these masks don’t just offer a barrier from spreading your germs, but they actually trap most incoming ones, according to the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA). Masks must cover the mouth and nose and should fit with no gaps.

These are the 4 best face masks for Omicron:
N95 Face Mask: Kimberly-Clark Professional N95 Pouch Respirator
KN95: Maskc KN95 Face Mask
KF94: Kyungin Flax KN94 Masks
Disposable: Evolvetogether Tokyo Face Masks


General Information:

Event Program for ATUSA 2022

  • 4 nights 3 days of 100% pure authentic Tango Argentino. You can be a festival participant, a spectator, a supporter or a competitor in the 2022 ATUSA Official Tango Championship & Festival.
  • 4 nights of the sole unique Official Argentine Tango Championship in the USA with 7 categories to choose from!
  • Special Master Class by Miriam Larici, Leo Barrionuevo, Cristian Correa & Leah Barski + Grand Milonga Opening on Thursday evening with The Festival Maestros Presentation and Demo
  • 4 Top of the top Master Couples from Buenos Aires- with great international reputation and excellence in both teaching and performing -, will be directing the workshops: Artists.
  • 32 Great Tango Workshops all focused on your learning and improving your tango!
  • Special Chacarera Workshop by Alejandra Armenti & Daniel Juarez
  • Special DJ workshop by Mark Sakowski
  • 2 matinee Milongas on Fri and Sun!
  • 4 great evening Milongas till 3.00am with amazing music by 4 expert tango DJs!
  • 2 Spectacular Masters Shows + a Surprise Show!
  • Over 26,000 sq. feet of open dance space for our milongas, competitions and workshops
  • Amazing accommodation at special discounted rates at the marvelous Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.
  • Special discounted parking rates for our event.
  • Complimentary Hotel airport shuttle.

To register click here

Workshop Levels

Schedules and/or descriptions of classes may be subject to change. They will be announced should they occur. Classes will start and finish on time, so please do not be late. The teachers reserve the right to request that a student leave any class if they feel he or she is unable to keep up or is disruptive. For those unable to keep up, the management will make every attempt to substitute a class at an appropriate level, but no refunds will be offered. To be fair to all attendees, the teachers will not alter the level of their classes for students unable to keep up. The festival classes were designed to teach specific topics/material that will benefit students from pre-intermediate to advanced level. For you own benefit, it is very important that you know what your level in the dance is when you register.

We have included a simple description of the levels and classified the classes in four groups:

  1. All Levels
  2. Pre-intermediate
  3. Intermediate
  4. Intermediate / Advanced
  5. Advanced

1. ALL Levels: suitable for everybody and great to go over technique issues, go over fundamentals and to acquire good habits. Great to review, reinforce and improve motions we have learnt before or  that we want to learn now. Therefore, these are NOT beginner level classes.

2. Pre-intermediate: this is a great class for every student who has had regular instruction for a minimum period of 12 months. This class is ideal to work on or refresh fundamentals and technique through exercises and nice, enjoyable social dance moves. Navigation resources and musicality will be emphasized. Basic understanding of technique, simple concepts and steps is necessary.

3. Intermediate: a reasonable level of technical understanding of tango, handling close and open embrace and a good repertoire of steps is needed (molinetes, barridas, voleos, sacadas). At this level, dancers need to have good navigation and connection. Partner rotation is recommended.

4. Intermediate/Advanced: These classes are intended for more experienced intermediate and advanced dancers. You should meet all the requirements of the intermediate level described above, apart from being able to lead or follow more challenging tango figures and to navigate on a crowded floor. Partner rotation is recommended in these classes though it will be up to the teachers.

5. Advanced: excellent understanding of the technical aspects of tango, navigation, improvisational resources and connection are major factors. You should be able to execute complex tango figures. We strongly advise that you register as a couple to get maximum benefit of the content of the class and from your time with the maestros. Some advanced classes offered will be limited to couples to maximize class content. In others, partner rotation will be up to the teachers, but is not mandatory.

Please see our Class schedule page to help you chose the right class.

Gender balance

The organization understands how frustrating it is to attend classes where there is not an equal number of leaders and followers. To that end, we would appreciate your cooperation in registering with a partner or at least early enough so that we can plan to help achieve balance for the lessons. That is why we are the only festival which offers an online pre-registration to classes. In that way we can see how mnay leaders and followers register in each class and do our best to balance them either using the “second choice” class selection or adding volunteer class assistants.  Although we will make our best to gender balance the classes, we cannot guarantee a partner per dancer, nor can we be responsible for your partner’s level in classes that rotate partners. Therefore, to maximize your class time, it is always best to bring your own partner. Please note that once online registration is closed, you will only be able to sign up for classes at door with a partner, or in classes that aren’t already balanced.

Video policy

NO VIDEO or STILL CAMERAS will be allowed during the classes. You may videotape the 5 minute summary at the end of each class as long as the instructor allows it.

NO VIDEO or STILL CAMERAS will be allowed during the Competition and Masters Shows.

Refund policy

Festival Refund Policy

  • A registration cannot be shared and is not transferable.
  • Full refund if registration is cancelled by March 14, 2022.
  • 50% refund if registration is cancelled between March 15 and May 4, 2022.
  • NO REFUNDS from May 5, 2022.
  • If the event is forced to cancel due to Covid, registration fees will be either refunded (minus 3% service charge if paid online to cover purchase fees), or directly applied towards the event 2023.

Competition and Milongas timetables

Competition & Evening Milongas timetables

7.15 pm Competition First Qualifying Round: Tango de Pista & Stage Tango (official categories) + Salon Tango Senior category
9.00 pm – 3.00 a.m. Opening Milonga with presentation and demo by our Festival Maestros
$25p/p advanced payment only available with check (see below); or $30 p/p cash at door

7.15 pm Competition Second Qualifying Round: Tango de Pista & Stage Tango (official categories) + Salon Tango Senior category + Stage Group category
9.00 pm. – 3.00 a.m. Milonga with Folklore Performance by Maestros Danile Juarez & Alejandra Armenti
$35 pp. – advanced payment only available with check (see below); or $40 at door

7.15 pm Semifinal Rounds: Tango de Pista & Stage Tango (official categories) + Milonga, Vals and “So you think you can tango?” categories
9.00 pm. – 3.00 a.m. GALA Milonga with Great Masters Show
$45 pp – advanced payment only available with check (see below); or $50 at door

7.15 pm Grand Final rounds: Tango de Pista & Stage Tango (official categories) + Milonga and Vals categories. Coronation of all Champions and the new Official USA Tango Champions 2022, – who will represent the USA at the Tango Mundial in Buenos Aires
9.00 pm. – 3.00 a.m. Farewell Milonga with Master’s Show.
$45 pp, – advanced payment only available with check (see below); or $50 at door

(*) Single evening milonga tickets can be purchased in advance with check till June 20. To send payment, see instructions below.

(*) If you want to attend three or all of the Milongas, we suggest that you purchase a “Spectator/Dance Pass in advance, which offers a great discount.

Friday 4.15pm to 6.45pm and Sunday from 12 noon to 3.00pm with DJ Fernando Robles!
Tickets only available with cash at door.
Cost: $20p/p each Matinee; or Special Promotion Deal for both Matinees: $30p/p

Single milonga tickets: payment with check

For single milonga tickets send a check by mail by  June 20, 2022 to:
Argentine Tango USA
530 Showers Dr, Suite 7-178 Mountain View, CA 94040

Please do enclose your complete name, e-mail address, cell phone number,name of city and state where you live together with your check. If you are buying tickets for other people, you also need to include all their personal data together with the check so that they can pick up their tickets at the festival reception desk.