Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio

MARIANO BARREIRO Argentine arranging pianist and composer Mariano Barreiro is one of the most recognized tango pianists of the new generation. Having recorded with some of the best tango musicians in the world, including bandoneon player Horacio Romo (Sexteto Mayor) violinist Pablo Agri (Astor Piazzolla) bassist Horacio Cabarcos (Leopoldo Federico) singer Juan Villarreal (El Arranque), Bandoneonist Martin Cecconi (Analia Goldberg) Pablo Bernava (Quinteto Negro la Boca) Guitarist Santiago Cursach (Tango BC) among other famous tango musicians. Mariano Barreiro gave tango concerts at the most prestigious Tango Festivals in the world among which are the most prominent “Tango Festival and World Championships” in Buenos Aires. “The Tallinn International Tango Festival” in Finland. “World of Tango Festival Maailmantango” Tampere, Finland. “The Five Continents Tango Festival” in Switzerland. “The Tango-Postale Festival” in France. “The Zárate Tango Festival” in Buenos Aires. “The Argentine Festival and the Tango Championship (ATUSA)” in San Francisco. “The Tango Festival Red Carpet” in Las Vegas.

Mariano Barreiro Tango Trio video: