Lorena Ermocida & Pancho Martinez Pey

Lorena Ermocida, outstanding dancer, teacher, choreographer and coach, has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1987.

Together with Osvaldo Zotto they created a unique and inspiring style that influenced many generations. Graduated from the National Classic and Contemporary Dance School Maria Ruanovain 1992 . She performed in the most important theaters of the world. Was part of amazing companies as “Tango x 2 “ among others, performed as Solo couple with the internationally renowned singer , Julio Iglesias . She has received the award Leonida Massine in Italy in recognition of her artistic career . The “Intermediate Generation Member ” diploma from the “National Academy of Tango in Argentina in recognition of her career and contributions to Tango, among others .

Jury of the Tango BA “City of Buenos Aires Dance Championship,” organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. And Jury member at the Final rounds of Tango de Pista category at “Tango BA Festival & Dance World Cup”, in Argentina and also at most the International World Cup Preliminaries. Lorena’s detailed Bio

Pancho Martinez Pey is a complete Artist of Tango.

He is a dancer, singer, teacher, choreographer and actor.

He has participated in theater Tango Shows as ” Tanguera, the Argentine musical”, ” Tita .. a life time of Tango “,” Solo Tango The Show “,” Tango Connection ” , ” Tango Bizarro ” , “Tango a mi manera..”,” Efecto Tango”,” Tango Caño 14 “… and many Tango Dinner Show  “Esquina Homero Manzi “, ” Esquina Carlos Gardel” , “Sabor a Tango” , “Michelangelo” , “Casablanca “, ” Cafe Tortoni “, “Café Homero”, “Rojo Tango Show in the Faena Hotel”..

He participated in the movies ” Tango Fatal ” as a singer , actor and dancer , led by Carlos Copello and The last Movie “Our Last Tango”, film about the life of Maria Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes, the most famous couple in the History of tango, led by German Kral and produced by Win Wenders. 

He is the creator of his own show of Humor .. “PAF ! Humores de Tango” successfully presented at the Teatro Porteño Under and also acted in the play “El Acompañamiento” by Carlos Gorostiza and “Gris de Ausencia”.

For 6 years , apart from his leading role , he served as choreographic coach and dance captain of the dance musical Tanguera , with whom he made ​​several tours of Europe , Asia and America .

Complete the cast of ” Tango Caño 14 ” show winner “Estrella de Mar” best Musical Entertainment, Mar del Plata `98 .

Complete the “Group Dance Argentina ” directed by Héctor Aricó winning the Silver Medal at the International Festival of the Pyrenees , France.

He has performed in major theaters of the world as the Chéjov Theatre in Moscow , the Berlin StaatsOper , The New York City Center or the Châtelet of Paris ..

Since 2001 he has dabbled in singing at Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires , ASUKA Japanese Cruise , Tours in Japan and milongas of Buenos Aires, Sydney and Europe. Now is the singer of Cafe Tortoni show in Buenos Aires and singer of the Orchestra “La Gran Gobbi”.

It is one of the few dancers masterfully dominating Tango Salon Tango and Stage , for which he has been called since the early Tango World Championship for jury duty , as well as in global subsites.

t was great fellow dancers as the Great Maria Nieves, Milena Plebs, Mora Godoy, Lorena Ermocida, Alejandra Gutty, Alejandra Mantiñan .. and has also worked with actress Nacha Guevara.

“He started out on stage, but when he got to the dancefloor he understood that dancing means connecting intimately with each other and with the music, and that tango arises from that engagement. He shines on his own in both spaces, which he often shares with no other than María Nieves and Milena Plebs…” (By Marina Gambier – http://www.santango.com)

“Tanguera… This new “tango musical” offers the best dancing you’re likely to see on any stage this year…

The company is blessed with an ensemble of over 30 beautiful and talented performers who command the stage whenever they are given the chance. But special mention must be made of Pey, who is so charismatic you simply cannot take your eyes off of him. He’s a first-class tango dancer, but he’s so riveting as an actor that he’d hold your attention in this piece even if he didn’t dance…”By Barbara and Scott Siegel • Oct 8, 2009 • New York City .  http://www.theatermania.com