Considered a great tango dancer, one of the best Tango de Pista dancers and performers in the world as
got the World Cup Tango Champion title together with Maximiliano Cristiani in 2013.
She has been teaching for more than a decade around the world in Europe, Asia, Philippines, USA,
Central America and South America.

The technical precision, the fluidity and elegance movements with extraordinary musicality and her notable capacity of improvisation characterize her dance. Her complete knowledge and passion for teaching makes her a very appreciated and requested tango teacher.

She started dancing tango at an early age (8) in her hometown of Buenos Aires, the birthplace of the
tango dance. Growing up in the house of tango, Jesica was surrounded by tango culture from an early
age and was able to study and learn from some of the true legends of tango such as Gabriel Angio &
Natalia Games, Gachi Fernandez, Milena Plebs, Martha Anthon & Gallego Manolo, Daniel Juarez &
Alejandra Armenti, Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, Carlos Rivarola and Jorge Maganelli, among


  • Crowned World Tango Pista Champion 2013 (1st Place – Certificate from the Ministry of Culture for
    the City of Buenos Aires).
  • 2012
    Finalist at Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup
    She also received numerous recognition awards for her excellence in her field.


  • Certified to Jesica Arfenoni Distinction Roberto Heredia to the diffuser of tango, Caseros
    Buenos Aires Argentina 2010.
  • 3rd Place, Adult Salon Tango Category – The 8th Dance Championship of the City [of Buenos
  • Culture for the City of Buenos Aires. Signed by (5) Judges and (2) Ministry of Culture Officials:
    Hernan Lombardi and Gustavo Mozzi


  • 1 st Place, Milonga Category – The 5 th Pre-World Tango Dance Championship 2008
  • Finalist, Tango Pista Category – The Tango World Championship
  • Finalist, Adult Tango Category – The 6th Dance Championship of the City [Buenos Aires]

Judging experience

As a Judge, Jesica participated in numerous and recognized tango championships such as the
Valparatango Festival & Championship, Valparaiso, Chile; the Tango Blitz Festivals, the Manila Tango
Festival & Championships, Manila-Philippines, the International Open Pro Am Competition Daikin
Champions Ball, Moscow, Russia and the Premios Tango Award, USA.

Participation as a teacher and/or dancer in Festivals, Shows and tango events such as:

  • Company “Viaje al Sentimiento”, Direction by Ruben Alí and Choreography by
    Roberto Zuccarino where she shared the stage with Abel Córdoba (famous singer).
  • Company ” Viaje al Sentimiento”, BRASIL
  • Show in Theater Coliseo in the City of La Plata with the Company “Tango Más
  • Company “Tango Viaje al Sentimiento”, Brasil
  • International Tango Festival Pentecost 2013- Karlsruhe- GERMANY
  • Festival de Martigues 2013 en Martigues- FRANCE
  • El Cruce Tango- Forum Cultural- Zárate-BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA(
  • Festival ValparaTango2013, Valparaíso-Chile
  • Festival de Ibiza Tango Love, Ibiza- SPAIN
  • Tango8Fest en Toronto, CANADA
  • Mujercitas Tango Festival, Milonga10, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA
  • Tango Salón Extremo Festival, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA
  • Exposition of Government of Buenos Aires, Hamburgo-GERMANY
  • A Puro Tango, Los Angeles EEUU
  • Chicago Mini TAngo Festival, Chicago EEUU
  • TCPractica in Denver, EEUU
  • Championship de SF, San Francisco EEUU
  • Austin Spring Tango Festival in Austin, EEUU
  • Dance with Joy Studio in Portland, EEUU
  • Tucson Tango Festival en Tucson, EEUU (
  • Tango de Pista Championship 2014 in Mar del Plata, ARGENTINA
  • Usina del Arte, Capital Federal- BUENOS AIRES,ARGENTINA
  • Windy City Tango Festival, Chicago USA
  • Boston Tango Festival, USA

Theatre show performances: Coliseu (Santos), Losso Neto (Piracicaba), Lauro Gómez (San
Bernardo), Teatro Nacional (Brasilia), Marista (Maringá) in different cities of
Brazil: Londrina, Juiz de Fora, Pardinho, São Paulo, Campinhas, among others.