ATUSA GUEST DJ´s 2020 will be announced in November.

GUEST DJ´s 2019

Mark Sakowski – Baltimore/Washington DC, USA 

Mark Sakowski comes from Baltimore, Maryland. Mark got involved with Argentine tango music more than a decade ago, got passionate and studied the different orchestras and periods. He has DJ’ed tango music for the last 15 years.  In September of 2013, Mark won the “First Annual Tango DJ Contest” in Somerville, Massachusetts. He has a very large tango collection but is always looking for better quality recordings of golden age tango music.  He seldom dances, preferring to concentrate on keeping the room energized and the dance floor full rather than being a dance host. He is the DJ and organizer of the Friendly Milonga in the Washington DC area. Mark was a invited to DJ at Fandango De Tango in Dallas and at the the Argentine Tango USA Championships on several editions since 2014.

Mark will play on Saturday April 20, 2019.

Avik Basu – Detroit, Michigan, MI, USA

Avik began his tango journey in 2002 and has since become a highly sought after DJ, playing at many of the major tango events in North America. Some of his more interesting adventures include Doing Monday night at Salon Canning, teaching tango to a Bollywood actress in Mumbai, India, and touring the U.S. with tango band Trio Folias. As a DJ, his foundation is built on Golden Age classics but he enjoys occasionally pushing the boundaries of the familiar and offering dancers the chance to explore something new.

Avik will play on Friday and Sunday evenings (April 19 and April 21).

Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe, Uruguay/ in Chicago IL, USA

Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe studied sound and light engineering in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995, and has vast experience as a promoter of rock and Tango events and stage in Buenos Aires. He worked in Miami,FL. for various local bands and TV shows as a music designer. Rodrigo has lived in Chicago IL since 2002 , where he has been working in the integration of audio and visual arts using his sound and light design skills. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has leaded him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. He has been DJ in some of the most prominent Tango Milongas in the US, including Chicago,IL., Miami,FL, Seattle,WA, Los Angeles,CA., San Francisco, CA., San Diego, CA., Sacramento,CA,. Boston, MA, NYC, Minneapolis,MN,. Detroit,Mi, St Louis, MO, Washington DC,, Philadelphia,PE., Raleigh,NC, Madison,WI. Detroit, Mi. Ann Arbor, Mi. He also played at nationally renowned Festivals and Marathons such as the ATUSA Official USA Tango Championship and Festival which is held in San Francisco CA.(since 2013), Boston Marathon 2014 and 2105, Chicago Tango week 2015, Shall we Dance Festival NYC 2014, Florida Tango Festival 2015, Seattle Tango Marathon 2016, Louisville Tango Festival 2016, Chicago Tango Week 2016, among others.

Rodrigo will play on Thursday April 18, 2019.

Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe will also be the 2019 Official Competition DJ

Special DJ Workshop by Rodrigo Saraibe

Rodrigo Saraibe “DJ Charrua” will direct a special intensive DJ workshop on Saturday April 19 from 12.45 to 2.30pm at the San Ramon ballroom.

This workshop is designed for dancers and tangueros who are interested in learning about tango music, or have aspirations to either want to become a DJ for tango, or to improve their skills.

The main topics will be:

  • Audio & Software
  • History
  • DJ Lab

The workshop will cover the basic history of tango (periods, orchestra styles, orchestras review, top tens in instrumental tango, vocals, milonga and vals) ; the understanding of computer -to -dance hall technology and an interesting DJ lab where you will be to put the theory (milonga structure, creation of tandas; how to distribute the tandas in the milonga, etc) in practice.

More experience Djs do come and be part of the conversation!

Cost: $40 per person if check is received before April 2nd

$45 cash at door

Registration and payment with check for the DJ Workshop

Make check to the order of: Argentine Tango USA
Send it to: 530 Showers Dr, Suite 7 – 178 Mountain View, CA 94040
Do not forget to include your name and email when your send your check.