Rules for the STAGE GROUP Competition/Showcase Category

Stage Tango Group Competition or Showcase Category


  1. If less than 3 registered groups, this category will become a Stage Tango Group Showcase with evaluation by the Official Jury. The groups will perform one tango song on Friday April 10, 2020.
  2. With 3 to 6 registered groups, the Stage Tango Group Competition Category  will happen and will consist of one round on Friday April 10, 2020. Each group will dance one tango song.
  3. If 7 or more groups registered, the Stage Tango Group Competition Category will consist of two stages:
    The Qualifying Round: All registered groups must participate. Groups will dance a unique qualifying round on Friday April 10. The groups selected in the qualifying round will dance again on Saturday April 11 and the winning group will be announced after the competition finished.
  4. Groups must be trained by a tango teacher/instructor/choreographer who will create the routine and will prepare his/her group for this competition/showcase. Groups must represent the city where the tango school/studio is located.
  5. It is the responsibility of the teacher/choreographer to pick up the Medals and team Trophies.
  6. Member’s age in the group should be homogeneous (meaning 80 % of member’s age range should be within 15 years maximum difference between the youngest and the oldest).
  7. The teacher/choreographer or responsible person for the group must confirm the group registration at the time of accreditation. The presentation of an identity document is necessary. All data provided at the time of the accreditation will be considered as a sworn statement.
  8. The Choreographer is required to make the members of the group know about the rules and evaluation criteria of the tournament.