Rules for “So you think you can TANGO?” Category

This is an unofficial category open to amateur dancers only.  There are no residence restrictions.

  1. In this category, men and women must register individually Registration is on a first come, first served basis with a limit of 20 men as leaders and 20 women as followers. If at the end of the registration process there are uneven numbers of leaders and followers, the extra participants registered in any of the two roles will not be able to take part in the competition and therefore their fees will be refunded.
  2. Dancing couples will be the result of a random matching of leaders and followers that will take place straight at the dance floor. They will  compete in groups and dance a round of three to four songs previously selected by the Committee.
  3. Dancers will change partners through a draw system for each of the three songs.
  4. Competitors who compete in other categories as well as professional tango dancers cannot compete in this category.
  5. All participants must confirm their registration at the time of accreditation. The presentation of an identity document is mandatory to obtain accreditation.
  6. There will be one unique round with no elimination (no semi-final or final rounds) on Sunday April 21. If there are more than 10 leaders and 10 followers registered, the total amount of dancers participating will be divided in two groups of equal numbers of leaders and followers for an optimum evaluation process.
  7. All dancers  will be evaluated individually by the Jury Panel who will determine a unique winner for each role.
  8. A title and recognition will be granted for “Best Argentine Tango USA Leader 2019” and “Best Argentine Tango USA Follower 2019” on Sunday at the Prizes/Coronation Ceremony.