Rules for the SALON TANGO SENIOR Category

Specific Rules for the Salon Tango Senior Category

Couples will compete in groups, dancing three tango songs previously selected by the Committee.

This category will consist of two stages divided in two days as long as there are at least 12 registered couples.* (For the case of less than 12 registered couples, the competition will consist of one stage happening on Thursday July 7, 2022):

 – The Qualifying Round: All registered couples must participate. Couples will dance one qualifying round on Thursday July 7, 2022.
*If there are 11 or less registered couples, there will be no elimination, and the Champions, 2nd and 3rd places will be announced on Friday evening.

– The Finals: If there are 12 to 20 couples registered, the couples selected at the qualifying round will dance a final round on Friday and the Champions, 2nd and 3rd places will be announced that same evening.

  1. The Salon Tango Senior is an unofficial category open to amateur dancers who, by the date of the competition, are 60 years old or older.  However, a Salon Tango Senior competitor (who is 60 or older) may compete with a partner who is younger than 60 years old if the age difference between the competitor and their partner is not more than 8 years at the date of the competition. (If both members of the couple are over 60 years old, the age difference will not be an impediment).
  2. Dancers of any nationality are eligible to participate in this category.
  3. Professional tango dancers cannot compete in this category. No exceptions.
  4. All participants must confirm their registration at the time of accreditation. In order to check in, contestants must attend on the date and time specified by the ATUSA Organization with a valid identity document. Accreditation can be done by one of the members of the couple bringing both documents.
  5. Couples will receive the order number and be informed of the approximate dates and times on which they will perform.
  6. Those who do not check in will not be able to participate in the championship.
  7. The organization will provide a complete panel of official judges of at least 4 members.


    1. The embrace cannot be broken; partners must constantly hold each other by means of the embrace. It is understood that, in certain figures, this may be flexible; but not throughout the entire piece of music. All movements shall be performed within the space allowed by the couple’s embrace.
    2. Participants may perform any figure commonly used, including “barridas (sweeps), “sacadas al piso” (“sacadas” close to the floor), “lápices”, “boleos”, “enrosques” (twists) etc.
    3. Ganchos (hooks), saltos (jumps) and any other possibility typical of stage tango are completely excluded. 
    4. None of the members of the couple may lift his/her legs beyond the line of the knees. Foot embellishments on the floor are allowed.
    5. Couples must constantly move counterclockwise and avoid remaining in the same place for too long.
    6. The Judges will give special relevance to the couple’s musicality, elegance, music interpretation and walking style.
    7. Elegant social dance tango wear for woman and traditional suits for men are advised.