Daniel Juarez & Alejandra Armenti

artist-dan-aleAlejandra Armenti & Daniel Juárez both started their dance studies at the age of 6 in the disciplines of folklore, classic, jazz and tango. After concluding their formal education, they received many hours of private instructions from authentic masters of dance.

Their professional career began in 1991 with performing on the most prestigious stages of Buenos Aires (Colon Theater, Cervantes Theater, San Martin and Luna Park stadium) as dancers of the “Ballet Folklorico Nacional” through 1997. With great achievements and experience in dance, Daniel and Alejandra started traveling together as soloist couple masters of tango and performing all over the world (Brazil, Mexico, US, China, Japan, Russia, Turkey and Europe) since 1997.

This unique couple has shared the stages of the most important tango shows, “Esquina Carlos Gardel”, “Lola Membrives Theater” and “Faena Hotel”, etc. From 1998 to 2001 they were part of the cast of the “Nueva Compañía Tangueros” participating in the most important dance festivals (Italy, Switzerland and US).

In summer 2002 they have participated in the show “Perfumes de Tango” of Tangox2 Company, directed by famous master Miguel Angel Zotto.

In August 2003 Daniel and Alejandra created their own dance company ”Corporacion Tangos” and their own choreographed full-time show was featured in such respected theatres as “Pablo Picasso”, “El Cubo”, “Broadway Theatre”, “Borges Theatre” in Buenos Aires, with a big success followed by excellent critic’s public reviews, which lead to International tours around Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, México, New Zealand, Italy, Russia and Japan.

Since 2008 they were invited and participated as judges in Argentine Tango competitions all over the world, and in Buenos Aires in final rounds of “Tango Salón” and “Tango Escenario” at Luna Park Stadium.

Daniel and Alejandra’s show Corporacion Tangos was an obvious choice by the city of Buenos Aires in 2010 to represent the national cultural treasure of Argentina at the closure of the public celebration of 200 years of the May revolution.

In 2013, as Corporacion Tango celebrates 10 years anniversary, the Government of the city of Buenos Aires paid tribute to them in the Luna Park stadium as part of the end of Tango Salon competition, where an original choreography was performed before thousands of spectators.

About Corporation Tangos:
The dance company is a creation of Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti made entirely of their original and unique choreographies. Consisting of 5 couples of professional dancers and 1 professional singer, the show offers a completely choreographic act, where the main character is the Tango Dance in its maximum expression and diversity. Original from the beginning till its finale, passing through all tango styles and rhythms, experimenting with new ideas in group choreographies, at the same time always conserving the essence of tango dance constantly keeping it in the spotlight – tango at its maximum expression. The original choreography contains distinctive novel scenes of the Tango dance, not only with 2 persons but 3, 4, even 8 dancers holding in one mutual tango embrace.