Competition and Milongas timetables

Competition & Milongas timetables 2019

Thursday April 18:

7.00 pm Official Competition First Qualifying Round
9.00 pm – 2.30 a.m Opening Milonga with presentation and demo by our Festival Maestros
$20 cash at door only; no advanced payment available.

Friday April 19:
7.00 pm Official Competition Second Qualifying Round
9.00 pm. – 2.30 a.m. Milonga with performance by Official USA Tango Champions 2018
$35 per person at door (CASH only), or $30 with check in advanced.

Saturday April 20:
7.00 pm Semifinal Rounds
9.00 pm. – 2.30 a.m. GALA Milonga with Great Masters Show & live music by Mariano Barreiro´s Quartet and singer Adrian Durso.
$45 per person at door (CASH only);  or $40 with check in advanced.

Sunday April 21:
7.00 pm Grand Final rounds with Coronation of the new Official Champions
9.00 pm. – 2.30 a.m. Farewell Milonga with Masters Show & live music.
$40 per person at door (CASH only); or $35 with check in advanced.

(*) Single milonga tickets can be purchased in advance (discounted price with check only) till April 2. You can also get them at the door with cash at full price. To pay with check, see instructions below.

(*) Tickets include both the milonga and attendance to view the competition.  If you want to attend three or all of the Milongas (which include attendance to view the competitions), we strongly suggest that you purchase a “Spectator/Dance Pass” online  in advance at the discounted price.

Single milonga tickets: payment with check

For single milonga tickets send a check by mail till  April 2nd, 2019 to:
Argentine Tango USA
530 Showers Dr, Suite 7-178 Mountain View, CA 94040

Please do enclose your complete name, e-mail address, cell phone number and the city and state where you live together with your check. If you are buying tickets for other people, you also need to include all their personal data together with the check so that they can pick up their tickets at the festival reception desk.