Andrea Monti

entrega de copaAndrea Monti has been the Organizer and Director of  “ATUSA” ,-the Argentine Tango USA Festival and USA Official Championship, which is an official sanctioned branch of  Tango Buenos Aires Festival & Dance World Cup (Mundial y Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires) since its beginnings in the year 2011.


Andrea has been an active delegate member of the Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires since its creation in 2001.She was selected as an official Judge of the “Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires”  that is organized yearly by the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in 2010 and 2011.

In 2003, Andrea visited the USA as a tango master and dancer for the first time. Since then she has become a regular visiting tango master and has worked with constant devotion, contributing with her knowledge and experience to the growing and development of both the existing and new tango communities in the USA, especially in the Bay Area and main cities in California.



Andrea was trained as a tango dancer and teacher in her native city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her parents were faithful tango fans who introduced her to the magical world of dancing when she was very young.

In 1994-, she became deeply involved in tango schools, cultural centers and tango “prácticas” such as “La Galeria del Tango”, “Centro Cultural Rojas” and “Cochabamba”. Then, she continued her studies as a professional tango dancer and perfected her technique with distinguished masters and dancers, among them Susana Rojo, Graciela González, Esther and Mingo Pugliese, Gustavo Naveira, Olga Besio, Roberto Herrera Alejandra Arrué and Andrés “Tanguito” Cejas.

Her solid training as a professional Tango dancer is based on the contributions of these tango masters as well as her previous and parallel intense studies in contemporary jazz dance, technique and stretching. **
She has great international reputation as a dancer because of her outstanding technique, walking style and elegant moves, a mixture of power and sensuality, – representing the traditional salon style of Buenos Aires


As a teacher, Andrea gained fame and popularity due to her pedagogical training, personalized teaching method and special dedication, achieving an optimal level of communication with her students. Andrea’s instruction is progressive, challenging and comprehensive. Andrea studied Foreign Language Education at Teacher´s College and Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires (Design and Urbanism). She finished those studies in 1991 and 1994 respectively which has helped her tango career as she learned about quality teaching and student teacher relations. These classes included: Theory of the learning process; Theory of the education process; Psychology; Methodology; and the practice of teaching; Management & School organization; Ethics and Professional Deontology, Philosophy and Sociology. Due to her dual education in dance and liberal arts, and her experience in teaching and directing groups of all ages, her tango classes and technique seminars have been requested in many cities around the world for many years.

Since 1998, she has been directing ladies technique workshops, using a method and system that she has developed through years of experience and drawing from her studies in tango, in technique and in the modern-contemporary jazz dance. Her objective is that the student reaches the best possible technique and dance level according to their learning capabilities through a series of exercises carefully designed and framed within a system she has created so that the learning process happens in a natural, gradual way, making it incredibly effective.

Andrea performed and taught endless workshops series  both in Argentina and around the world, being the most visited countries the USA, England, Italy, Spain, France, Scandinavian countries, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

ANDREA has participated in several international events and tango festivals such as:

  • Argentine Tango USA, – Official USA Tango Championship and USA Tango Festival in San Francisco, CA (as  dancer and teacher 2011, as organizer and Director 2011-2016)
  • Alberta First 12 Day Argentine Tango Extravaganza FESTIVAL in Calgary, CANADA in 2012
  • Moonlight Tango Festival, in Vermont, 2011
  • Pulpo´s Tango Week in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2005, 2006 and 2007), Río de Janeiro Tango Festival in Brazil (2005), PortlandTangoFest, Portalnd, Oregon, USA “Segundo Encuentro Internacional de Tango” in Spain, 2004.
  • Andrea and her partner choreographed and performed at dinner shows as guest of honor in Bali, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in 2004 and 2006.
  • While in Singapore, Andrea starred in a TV commercial that was broadcasted throughout Asia for the Ministry of Tourism in Singapore.

Andrea was featured in different international shows, being the most important:

  • “Special Holiday Season Tango Event” (with professional dancer and singer Adrian Durso) and Tangonero Band ,  (at the JCC Theatre) Palo Alto, CA, December 19, 2015
  • “Una Noche de Tango” Show (with professional dancer Diego Lanau), singer Claudio Ortega and Tangonero Band, San Francisco, CA September 2015 and 2014.
  • “Horacio de Buenos Aires” at the Maipo Theatre, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (with professional dancer Adriano Mauriello), June 2013
  • “Voces del Mundo” at the National Auditorium and at “Gran Hotel Costa Rica” in San José de Costa Rica, October 2005
  • “Las Estrellas del Tango” in Costa Brava, Spain, 2003
  • Andrea created, choreographed and was a member of the tango-dance group “Sin Ellos” performing mostly in Barcelona: August and September 2002-2003.
    “Tango a Media Luz” in Sonoma, California, USA
  • “Tango Takes Two” Company, at the Cremorne Theatre in Brisbane and The Playhouse Theatre in Perth, Australia.

Additionally, she performed in famous show clubs, tango bars, and traditional milongas of Buenos Aires, such as Confiteria Ideal, El Parakultural/Salon Canning, Mansion Dandi and La Nacional, working mostly with “Los Reyes del Tango” one of the most acclaimed orchestras

**Starting in 1984, Andrea studied modern-jazz at different dance schools and institutions in Buenos Aires for many years. She has been influenced by one of the best jazz dance masters and choreographers, MANUEL VALLEJOS, who was her teacher for 12 years. She participated in a great number of dance events and presentations in many distinguished theatres and auditoriums “porteños”, such as: “Astros”, “Alvear”, “Coliseo”, “El Globo”, “Auditorio de Belgrano”, and “La Plaza Complex”, where she danced under the direction of master Manuel Vallejos.

She also studied a few years of classical technique and stretching with recognized Master Monica Souto.

Andrea directed groups of children and adolescents in different institutions and schools for five years. One of her groups got the first prize in the National Competition “All the Dance”, category Jazz-Dance adolescents, which took place in the famous “Astral” theatre in December, 1996.