Analía Centurión

Analía Centurión is an internationally renowned tango dancer and master. From the tender age of 6 in Buenos Aires, his studies included piano and classical ballet.

She started dancing Argentine Tango in 1995. Two years later she became a tango champion in the most prestigious youth competitions in the province of Buenos Aires. 1997.

His career includes dancing with the companies of Juan Carlos Copes 2004, Mora Godoy 2007, and the great Mariano Mores 1998 and in some of the most famous Tango Dinners / Shows in Buenos Aires: Piazzolla Tango Show, Madero Tango Show, La Ventana Dinner Tango Show, and many more, SHOW La Cumparcita tango Show ( director Luis Bravo Forever tango).

In Buenos Aires, she learned with great milongueros like Mingo Pugliese, Puppy Castello and, Gerardo Portalea. She dance in the most famous milongas: La Baldosa, El Parakultural, Sunderland Club, Pipi cucu, El fulgor, Marabu etc. She also studied and graduated from the «Styles of Argentine Tango» academy. 2004

His art gained recognition in magazines like The New Yorker and was news 9 times in the New York Times.

As a teacher, she has participated in numerous international tango festivals and Academies: London, Corea, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Sydney, Las Vegas,  Argentina’s Dancing with the Stars, Jakarta festival, Cebu tango Festival

Japan ,  Canadá, Istanbul, Italy,  Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Greece, Baltic Nations, Stockholm, USA and many more. 

  • She is organizer of the Tango Festival in Buenos Aires “Siga el baile deluxe” Feb. 
  • She was a dancer at LA OPERA MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES IN NYC (OCT. 2018) AND ATLANTA OPERA (APRIL 2019). Show in New Word Symphony Miami – Florida 2022.
  • She ALSO is a jury at the tango festival with competition at LAX, Colombia ( Bogotá, Medellín ), Philippines Cebu Tango Festival 2023 / 2024, at ATUSA OFFICIAL CHAMPIONSHIP & FESTIVAL PRELIMINARY OF TANGO BA DANCE WORLD CUP (USA) , and Metropolitano in Buenos Aires and World Cup qualifiers.

At present Analía directs the online Tango Academy «Tango Centurión» exclusively for women. ( programs female technique specials and tips blog for women – also active female YouTube channel), In Spanish and English.

She is Author of the New Tango book (non-fiction and program style) 

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