Adrián Durso

Adrian discovered his passion and talent for singing in 2004 and a year later he started training his voice and studying singing for 8 years.

He made his first performance as a tango singer in Buenos Aires, in December 2010. After that, he performed at many tango clubs, well known milongas and concerts as a soloist singer both in Buenos Aires and abroad.

Among other places Adrián performed in milongas Porteño y Bailarín, Club Gricel and Salón Canning in Buenos Aires. He also performed in milongas and gave concerts in Copenhagen (Denmark), Arendal (Norway), different cities in England and in California (United States) as well.

In the States Adrián performed at several milongas in the South Bay in CA, at the Holiday Season Tango Show at JCC Theater in Palo Alto and at the Argentine Tango USA Official Championship and Tango Festival 2016 in San Francisco. Adrián was the soloist male voice of the Show  “El Mundo is the world” with Orquesta Victoria from Buenos Aires which was on tour in California last November 2016.

Adrian will delight us with his wonderful sweet voice singing with Seth Asarnow y su Sexteto Tipico on Saturday April 15.