Guillermo Merlo

Guillermo Merlo (Dancer)

Guillermo Merlo is a true legend in the world of Argentine tango. Renowned for his elegant style,
unique interpretation, creative choreography and powerful command of the stage.
He has toured internationally for well over a decade now.

Guillermo Merlo and his dance partner were the recipients of the 1997 and 1998 TONY AWARD for Best
Choreography for the show ‘Forever Tango’ on Broadway and the couple won first place in the WORLD
Argentine Tango Championship in 1999.

Guillermo has performed in concert with several Symphony Orchestras (New Mexico, Long Beach, Costa
Mesa, USA) and was commissioned the creation of a Tango Ballet for the Tulsa Ballet Dance Company.
He and his partner were the feature dancers on the PBS special ‘Tango Magic’ with Pablo Ziegler and
the Orpheus Orchestra and had the honor of being the first non-Asians ever invited to perform at the
Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

Guillermo served as a judge at The Tango Mundial, The World Competition for Argentine Tango in
Montreal Canada.

He and his dance partner created Artango Dance School is the realization of over 20 years of experience
in Argentine Tango. I’m a dancer, performer, choreographer, instructor and coach.

I dream to not only teach you the steps, but also to share what I continue to learn from this wonderful
dance: compassion, respect, vulnerability and coexistence without competition.

I want to make Artango more than a dance studio: I envision a vibrant and diverse community, a place
people never want to leave because they find here a powerful way of human connection.