Gender balance

The organization understands how frustrating it is to attend classes where there is not an equal number of leaders and followers. To that end, we would appreciate your cooperation in registering with a partner or at least early enough so that we can plan to help achieve balance for the lessons. That is why we are the only festival which offers an online pre-registration to classes. In that way we can see how mnay leaders and followers register in each class and do our best to balance them either using the “second choice” class selection or adding volunteer class assistants.
 Although we will make our best to gender balance the classes, we cannot guarantee a partner per dancer, nor can we be responsible for your partner’s level in classes that rotate partners. Therefore, to maximize your class time, it is always best to bring your own partner.
Please note that once online registration is closed, you will only be able to sign up for classes at door with a partner, or in classes that aren’t already balanced.