Official USA Tango Champions 2017 will soon compete representing the USA at

Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup

They will also perform at  Preliminaries GALA NIGHT at “Teatro 25 de Mayo. This will be a mega event with Orchestra Color Tango and group choreographies interpreted by all national and international champions from the different Official Branches on August 18 at 9pm



Tango de Pista: Sat August 19 from 10.00am to 2.00pm

Tango Escenario: Sat August 20 from 10.00am to 3pm



Tango de Pista: Tuesday August 22 at 7.00pm at Luna Park Stadium

Tango Escenario: Wednesday August 23 at 7.00pm at Luna Park Stadium 


    Argentine Tango USA Official Festival & Championship is a unique four-day Official Tango event including both an international TANGO FESTIVAL  (with workshops, performances, live music and social dancing), and the only OFFICIAL ARGENTINE TANGO CHAMPIONSHIP in the USA.

ARGENTINE TANGO USA is the sanctioned OFFICIAL BRANCH in THE UNITED STATES to Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup organized by the Office of Festivals and Central Events of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the Autonomous City Of Buenos Aires, which is the highest authority regarding the organization, program planning and overall execution of Tango Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup (Mundial de Tango). ARGENTINE TANGO USA  is entitled to hand in official champion titles and  to send the official US representatives (champions) to compete directly at the semifinal rounds of the Tango Dance World Cup in Buenos Aires every year.

No other competition or championships in the USA other than ATUSA is official and validated by Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup. 

Do not miss it!

Stop being a spectator and become a participant!