Tango BC

Tango BC is a group of professional musicians with  Mariano Barreiro on piano,Santiago Cursach on guitar, Charles Gorzcinsky on bandoneon and Hector Pineda on the double bass. The group is led by Mariano Barreiro and Santiago Cursach from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tango BC runs an extensive repertoire of tangos, waltzes and milongas with original arrangements of danceable style and deep interpretation.

They will present a quality show with great musical expression, strength, rhythm and passion. Their unique sound and high energy will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance all night.

Tango BC has been selected for the second consecutive year to participate at ATUSA,- the Official USA Tango Championship &Festival  in San Francisco) and at the Red Carpet tango festival in Las Vegas 2017/2018 Tango BC have released two full-length albums. In 2017 they were awarded a grant by the Inamu (national institute of music) in Argentina, for the edition of the second album “bc trio milonguero”.

They are the winners of the “Notable Bars” contest organized by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.