Guillermina Quiroga & Mariano Logiudice


Guillermina Quiroga

Guillermina Quiroga has influenced the role of the woman in the tango in a way that very few women have done so.
Her career as a tango dancer, choreographer, teacher, artist of multiple talents it placed her on the more prominent places in the tango scene.
She Has participated in numerous productions, passing by Tango by 2, Mariano Mores, Juan José Mosalini, Orlando Trípodi, Julio Iglesias on world tour for three years, coming to Broadway with the legendary and original Tango Argentino, and Forever Tango, of which has been for years of their major dancers and also choreographer.
some years has been invited for jury for the of tWorld Tango competition in diferent countries and also for Final instances at Luna Park in Bs As. Has created his own show, \ “Tango, stories breves\”, in which has attached its different facets artistic, passing by the film, the choreography, the script and the address .
Also has been the principal actress and choreographer in Valentina’s Tango filmed in Hollywood.

Mariano Logiudice

At the age of 7 started to study Karate and was doing it for many years; after reaching high standars and working seriously in this discipline he got the maximum prize becaming a World Champion in 1998 in Orlando, Florida,USA .  He graduated as a National Professor of physical education. After retiring start to be judge in many important competitions around the world.

On the meantime he discover the Tango , and started to study very intensively this new passion. He learned from a very prominent teachers in the Tango world  as Raul Bravo, Juan Pablo Barbutti, Guillermina Quiroga, Andres Cejas, Demian Garcia, among others.

For the last 4 years he has been Guillermina Quiroga’s assistant in all her classes in Buenos Aires and many cities over the world (Tango festivals in USA,China and Italy),and in her choreography composition works.

He was giving Tango classes as a teacher in  Escuela Argentina de Tango de Buenos Aires,  Club Gricel and Salon Canning.

He graduated from the University in Argentina as a Psicologyst, with the Tesis “Tango y vejez”( Tango and elderly) wich explores the psicological benefits of the tango dancing on the elder people.

This, inspires Mariano in investigate more  and leads him into creating a new activity that is a mixing of tangodance ,theraphy,and physical education, and taking advantage of these three disciplines that he manages very well and for what he was prepared. Those classes in Bs As are very succsesfull.

Also he is doing performances and exhibitions at the original milongas and venues in Bs As.

“Ansiedad”, de D’Arienzo

“La Luciérnaga”